General Information

Once you have applied for Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA) and met the required criteria, arrangements can be made for a Study Needs Assessment (as required by funding bodies). This process will identify appropriate additional support and assistive technologies, and present them in a report for consideration by the funding body.

We are able to offer DSA assessments at our main centre in Manchester, or at one of our outreach centres in Salford, Crewe, or Preston. Short notice/next-day appointments are sometimes available. In addition, there are circumstances which allow us to offer home and off-site appointments.

Appointments are generally offered within normal office hours, but evening and weekend appointments can be arranged.

Students applying to, or studying at any institution are catered for, and our combination of experienced staff, resources and facilities means that we can assist students with the widest possible range of disabilities. There may be occasions when we ask outside professionals to participate in the process to ensure we deliver the best service possible.

A ‘study needs assessment’ is a structured but informal meeting between you and one of our experienced assessors, to talk about how your disability could affect your experience on your course; it’s not something to worry about. It is not a test, and in most cases the assessment should take no more than two hours; however, we never rush the process, and there may be times when it is necessary to spend much longer working with the student client to make sure everything has been considered and addressed adequately.

Our team of professional and friendly staff are fully committed to ensuring all students with additional needs can make the most of their potential, guiding them through the assessment process, to ensure they are able to maximise the exciting opportunities on offer in higher education.

Assessment Reviews can also be undertaken. We understand that a student’s support needs may change over time; Access SUMMIT can undertake a review of the current support package, and if necessary, help identify additional support and assistive technology resources. Contact the Assessment Administration Team for information.

Current waiting time for an assessment appointment is ten working days. Maximum waiting time is fifteen working days.